About Us

A Team of Medical Professionals

We are a team of medical professionals with on-set and frontline experience. We were already in the business of keeping film sets safe long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we are dedicated to seeing our colleagues and friends in the entertainment industry and beyond get back to work and normal life safely!

Co-Founder / CEO

As a founding partner, Marla brings 36 years of practice as an RN, 24 years experience as a set nurse, and numerous “recurring roles” as head of the medical department for a number of series productions. Marla is steadfast when it comes to the implementation of protocol and coordination of care. She has been at the forefront of all COVID-19 testing developments and special training regarding COVID-19 testing for studio productions and instrumental in providing care during the initial reopening of some of Hollywood’s most high-profile sets.

Attending Physician

Dr. Van Veloso has practiced internal medicine as a Southern California physician for almost twenty years, returning to his native city after graduating from UC Berkeley and Creighton University School of Medicine. He works in primary care in one of the largest medical groups in the country, having diverse experience — from Principal Investigator for pharmaceutical research projects to Clinician IT Advisor implementing the electronic medical records system. He has garnered accolades, the most recent being named one of L.A.’s “Top Docs 2019” in Los Angeles Magazine. More recently he has assumed the role of a Clinical Lead in San Fernando Valley, where he has served on COVID-19 steering committees, creating screening and testing protocols for entry into offices and reduction of teammate exposure. He brings his expertise to Hollywood Testing to help ensure that clients get tested quickly and reliably, so people can return to activities assured of minimal risk of COVID exposure.