Your One Stop Shop

CCOs/Testing Coordinators

You asked and we answered. Testing Hollywood is excited to announce that we can now be your one stop shop for everything COVID! With just one phone call you can book, a top of the line COVID crew, fully stocked kits including PPE at no extra cost. We also provide the same great licensed medical professions to administer your testing that you’ve come to rely on free for the first two hours.

Prices and job descriptions below:

  • COVID compliance officer – $600/10
  • CCO assistant – $450/10
  • Kit renta (including PPE and sanitizing equipment) – $150/day for 75 people, $175 for 100, $200 for 125, and so on. Includes all PPE and handheld sanitizing equipment.
  • Oversee all covid needs for your cast and crew.
  • Report directly to production staff.
  • Testing coordinators – $450/10
  • Handle all the testing scheduling including concierge scheduling.
  • TCs keep track of all the current regulations regarding testing timeframes, mandates, and current regulations regarding acceptable test types.
  • Medics – $650/10
  • We can provide licensed medics with years of industry experience.